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Optipe Data Tools Suite - Other Features

Data Tools Suite Other FeaturesOptipe Data Tools Suite has the following additional features.

Update Data

You can quickly update the summaries generated by applications:

  • Summarize a Table.
  • Summarize Multiple Tables.
  • Consolidate Templates.


New Functions added

Over 30 new calculation functions that you can use at any time. See list of functions.


Format Table

Apply on one click the Optipe Format Table . Important: This option only formats the data range, does not create an Excel Table.


Customize Table Format

Set the table format Optipe as you wish.

Custimize Table FormatFormatting Buttons

Optipe Data Tools Suite offers 4 customizable buttons for quick access to the styles worn by the user.
Formatting Buttons


Customize Formatting Buttons

You can customize the 4 formatting buttons with text or description and number format code you want. Define the formats you use the most in your spreadsheets.

Custimize Format Buttons

Paste Values from multiples areas

Use this option to paste values ​​in multiple areas or ranges. Select multiple data ranges that contain formulas, then Copy and select this option to Paste values from multiple areas.


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