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Optipe Data Tools Suite - Summarize Multiple Tables

With Summarize Multiple Tables application of Optipe Data Tools Suite you can generate summaries of multiple Excel tables located in different sheet without the need to group them.

Data Tools Suite Summarize Multiple Tables

Summarize Multiple TablesUse this application to:

  • Generate a summary of sales or production of each month.
  • Get a summary table with information about each branch or department of your company.


  • No need to group tables to generate the summary.
  • Use different summary functions such as sum, count, average, maximum or minimum.
  • You can group by one or more criteria simultaneously.
  • Generate the summary table with formulas, that refer to the source data for a quick update; or constants, without reference to the source data, when they are of a considerable volume that makes the calculations very slow.
  • In both cases, the summary table can be updated to include changes made to the source table.
  • The tables included in the summary should be contained in the same Excel workbook, have the same columns and the first cell of each must be in the same location in its respective sheet.
  • To select a consecutive group of sheets or fields, click the first item, press and hold down the Shift key, and then click the last item.
  • To select non-consecutive sheets or fields, press and hold down the Ctrl key, and then click each item that you want to select.
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