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Optipe Data Tools Suite - Select and Filter

Select and Filter application of Optipe Data Tools Suite adds a number of tools to select and filter Excel cells by various criteria or conditions, expanding possibilities for users.

Cell selection is one of the most common and recurring activities for any Excel user, which however, is performed most of the time manually, resulting in inefficiencies.

Data Tools Suite Select and Filter

Select and FilterUse this application to:

  • Select cells automatically, ignoring the do it manually.
  • On the selected cells, you can use many Excel commands, such as copy, cut, delete, fill, or insert a new value.
  • Filter or mark the cells, for the selection type chosen.
  • This application can be a great help to debug data tables, as their versatility to select cells by various criteria, you will act on the selected cells (change its value, delete, copy, color the cells) or the rows in which they they are (delete, cut or add rows).


  • You can select the entire table, the column or row.
  • Use the following selection options:
    • Cells with numerical constants
    • Repeated cells
    • 1st occurrence of each value
    • 2nd cccurrence or more of each value
    • Cells with Text
    • Cells with a certain fill or font color
    • Dependent cells
    • Precedent cells
    • Cells with error messages
    • Blank or empty cells
    • Cells with Conditional Format
    • Visible Cells
    • Cells with Comments
    • Cells with Hyperlinks
    • Cells with Font Style (Normal, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic)
    • Cells with Formulas (all or those containing some text)
    • Cells with values ​​that match a condition
    • Cells with higher or lower values.
  • Optionally, on selection you can:
    • Mark the cells with a color
    • Extend the selection to the entire row
    • Add a mark in the last column
    • Filtering cells
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