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Configuration Settings of Optipe Add-Ins

Optipe Data Tools SuiteIn some cases, Data Tools Suite and MultiMail add-ins of Optipe may present difficulties for proper installation and subsequent execution. This is because it is necessary to properly configure Excel or some antivirus action  that identify as risky some elements of the add-ins for Excel.Optipe MultiMail

The most common problems that users encounter are as follows:

1. Excel does not allow macros to run or prevents the execution of VBA projects.

Solution: You must configure Excel to enable macros to run, adjusting the level of macro security to "low".
- In Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016, is accessed in File and then Options. See more.
- In Excel 2007, Office Button, Excel Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Macro Settings. See more.
- In Excel 2003, it is under Tools, Macro, Security.

Additionally, enable "Trust access to the VBA project object model".

See more details about macro security settings in Excel.

Trust Center

2. An antivirus prevents proper download or installation.

This problem prevents complete download of all components of Optipe. The messages usually appear are the following:

- 1.8 Error Failed to install Optipe. You may not have access to restricted resources of an antivirus system or prevent its proper installation.
- Unable to run macro. The macro may not be available or macros have been disabled.
- Automation Error, Unspecified Error.

Solution: Configure the antivirus to exclude XLA and DDX files from their analysis, in Real-time protection, email protection, Protection of Internet traffic and user demand scans.

See more details at Microsost Support.

3. During the installation or execution of Optipe add-ins, displays error messages such as:

- Run-time Error '424': Object Required.
- Compile Error in Hidden Module.
- Automation Error, Unspecified Error.
- Automation Error. Object Library not registered.

These problems are due to the installation of Excel was incomplete, ie not consider all elements of Excel. Because Optipe uses Excel object library, complete installation is required.

Solution: You should reinstall or repair the current installation of Excel, considering a full installation of all components and libraries. The installation also must consider the Microsoft Improvement Package according to the version of Excel user. Go to Microsoft Download Center. Before reinstalling, see the next point, which could also serve solution for these cases.

If an Office application isn’t working properly, sometimes restarting it will fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, you can try repairing it. When you’re done, you might need to restart your computer. See more.

4. While Optipe is installing, the following message appears:

Object library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found

This problem usually appears when you have updated a version of Excel (or Office) for a newer, or also when returning to a previous version (for example., when installed 2010 and then back to 2007). This situation affects not only as Optipe add-ins, but also user-defined macros.

The solution was proposed by Lessan Vaezi here: http://www.lessanvaezi.com/delete-exd-files-to-fix-object-library-invalid-error/

It basically consists of removing some files with EXD extension, which are not automatically updated when you change version of Excel or Office. No problem with delete EXD files as they are newly created by Office applications when required. Therefore, this solution appears to be the most straightforward for this problem.

Object Library not valid

EXD files are located in the following folder:
In operating system XP or earlier: C: \ Documents and Settings \ USER \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Forms \
In operating system Vista or Windows 7-8: C: \ Users \ USER \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Forms \

See also Microsoft support.

5. An error in Excel disabled an Add-in:

This problem can occur in some cases where the Excel application crashes and the user forces closure with the task manager. You can determine if a plugin is disabled in Excel 2007 in Office Button, Excel Options, Add-Ins on the Disabled Application Add-ons section. In Excel 2010 and 2013, via File, Options, Add-Ins.

Solution: The solution is to enable the plugin. To do this, also in Office Button, Excel Options Add-ins, the Manage button, choose Disabled Items option, press the Go button, and section complement to be enabled. See more.

Disabled Add-Ins

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