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Installing Optipe Add-Ins

Configuration Settings

Before Optipe Add-Ins installation, check the Configuration Settings of your system.

If you are reinstalling an add-in or have passed to the PRO version, be sure to remove the add-in that you previously used. See details.


1. Save workbooks you have open and close the Excel application.

2. After configuration settings, unzip the file Optipe.zip. Use the "Extract Files" or "Extract here". You can also drag the folder to "Documents" or the location you determine.

3. Run the "INSTALL Optipe" program included in the folder.

4. If you install the PRO version, you must register your license to obtain the installation key. You have a period of 7 days to sign the license.

Installing Optipe Addins

In the form you must register the following records, including the Invoice Number or Order ID (which you received by mail) and the Optipe ID Number located in the box Step 1.

Optipe Registration

After a few hours you will receive an email with the Installation Key that you must enter in the box "Step 2" of the installation program, which is automatically activated once a day until you enter the key, and then click validation button located on the right side of the key. While waiting for the Installation Key click "Register later" and you can use the Optipe add-in.

Uninstall an Optipe add-in

To uninstall a Optipe add-in, use the file "Remove Optipe" included in the Optipe folder. 
If after running the program, the add-in is installed yet, run the "Remove Optipe" program again. 
If you still can not remove it, you can do it manually according to the following Microsoft instructions Add or remove add-ins.

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